Our Mission...

To implement sustainable programs that improve the quality of life of foster, kinship and adoptive families.

Who are we...

We are a 501(c)(3) organization of faith based and other interested groups, working with Contra Costa County's East County Child Welfare Redesign Partnership. Our purpose is to assist, enhance, and coordinate the efforts of faith based and other interested groups to maintain stable families. 

How we work...

We act​ as a communication link between faith based organizations that have volunteers and other agencies which provide social services in East Contra Costa County.

What we do...

We organize interfaith organizations and other groups into a human service network.

We work with the social services agencies in East Contra Costa County to provide food, clothing, and family support services.

We network with volunteers to secure and deliver furniture, household goods, food boxes, and kitchen starter sets to families in our county.

We supply Entrance and Exit kits to children entering relative care and youth emancipating from the foster care system.

We team with Los Medanos College Foster Care Education Program and C.O.P.E. Family Support Services to support post permanency resources through a Parent Educational Support Group, Attachment Parenting classes, Life Book Creation classes, and Community Outings.


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